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How NSA Proof Are VPN Service Providers

Privacy for internet users is becoming very important topic which says that are we really protected from scammers. There are many users who are willing to know the possible cracked encryption schemes as well as how providers are giving facilities regarding high security. The question comes in mind in this regard is about VPN which is the best VPN service providers that can help you to keep high security. If you are under best encryption scheme then you are away from crackers. To provide that facility of security, many companies are forming advanced step. Big companies like NSA and others must have some functions and capability of cracking in more uniform way of encryptions when data streams are kept stored for further decoding. Then there will remain no way for VPN to provide forcedly user’s data to those companies. No logging policies help anyway to protect against court orders but things get negative in case of issuing gag orders by government agencies for example national security letters.
The question arises of trust, that is there any strong reason that can state VPN as a best security and encrypted service provider or we have to worry about it. After knowing about NSA’s compromise on privacy software and cracked encryption algorithm people have become more concerned about VPN services. However, there is much confusion regarding the trustworthiness and if trusted which provider should we trust. According Black VPN statement, Open VPN is a best service that helps you to check and know whether the service you using for security is strong or not. It can indicate you about correct VPN provider and the things they using for encryption algorithms and keys are strong or not by going through Open VPN configuration files given by your service provider. There is one more advice that PPTP would be dangerous to use so you should avoid it if you are really looking for the best security.

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Robert Braunschweig, 18:44, Mar. 25/2019

Hi, I’m seriously confused about VPNs, TOR and the NSA. Some sites say that the NSA can’t crack VPNs, TOR gets you added to the “Persons of Interest” list and so on.

Does anyone know the truth?

Let’s assume that I’m a “Person of Interest”, for the sake of argument OK? Maybe I use TOR, maybe I blogged 911 was an inside job, etc. So now the NSA monitors every bit of data going through my ISP, which is a cable modem FWIW. The router is an Asus AC-3200 which connects with OpenVPN to my VPN, which is ExpressVPN. It uses RSA 2048 bit encryption and SHA256 key sizes. BUT the NSA would have been there while I created my account and would have recorded any keys, passwords, etc. Then I connect to the router with a laptop which is booted from a TAILS usb, which has TOR pre-installed as part of TAILS.

Dnsleaktests show no leaks at all.

So, can the NSA listen in to everything I’m doing or not? Please, let’s set the record straight.

Thanks, Rob