Safeguard And Protect Your Data

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Check Out These Tips To Safeguard your Data

Safeguard And Protect Your Data

In this digital era to safeguard your data is not an easy task. But it is an important issue and many of you might probably be aware of it. A user generally flips through multiple apps and websites on his phone/laptop/tablet etc. Reports suggest that approx 2.5 billion people across the world will be connected to smartphones which is 50% of the total mobile users. Issue is not with the usage, issue is with large corporations, capitalising our dependency on smartphone for tracking purposes. They track our location, activities and also gather personal information.

The real issue will arrive when a hacker hacks this database filled with our tracking records. An easy task for a cybercriminal to get access to private details of users. Hence it is very much important to safeguard and protect your online data. Read out post on Avoid Facebook Connect Signups to know potential threats of quick registration.


Why We Need To Safeguard Our Data?

Government Agencies

Government spies on you. A document provided by former CIA operative Edward Snowden revealed it all. Unfortunately, it is not the case only with US government. The United States pools its information with other nations, thanks to series of surveillance. So once any of the them gets your data, it is accessible to some of the biggest countries across the globe. Imagine your online activity being shared with 13 other nations. Check our article on An Overview On Phishing Scams to know about phishing scams.


Most of the internet users are scared of getting hacked. If you are not, then you are not aware of the damage a hacker can do. Cybercrime is a global issue that costs the world, hundreds of billions of dollar a year. A lot of money can be made by hackers who break into your system. As they can now steal your precious information and sell it in the black market or simply steal your identity to perform even dangerous activities. Hackers are not always guys sitting in a dark room opening multiple applications in a black screen. Some of the largest threats occurring takes place from corporations which we trust.


Check Out These Tips To Safeguard your Data

Disable Cookies And Clear Browsing History

Always disable your browser based cookies to protect yourself from getting tracked. By disabling cookies the website treats you as a new user based on your usage. Along with that you should also clear your browser history to protect your privacy into falling in the wrong hands. Every site you visit, everything you download al are recorded in your cookies. The information about your activities like visiting, reading, viewing are gathered by third parties. So if you clear out the history after every session, those services can no longer view your patterns. All major browsers offer this service.

Search Engines & Incognito Mode

Google is a monopoly. Almost 75% searches globally pass through global. If you do not happen to know they collect your information too. Even Bing search engine does track your activities but not to the extent of Google. Want to get a secure search engine? choose the one which does not run a JavaScript. Some options are buy isotretinoin online uk DuckDuckGo, Gibiru, etc. Incognito mode on the other hand although cannot make you completely invisible, do help a little. Incognito cannot give you a VPN-level protection. Incognito mode was created in order to hide your activity on the computer you are working on. It disables cookies therefore websites won’t be able to track you.

Use a VPN

VPN is the best defence against privacy-related online issues. VPN creates an anonymous experience of web browsing by encrypting all your online activity. It protects your identity thereby evading hackers and snoops. Even ISPs and Government agencies cant track your online activity, so your data is safeguarded and protected. VPN connects to a server across the world at your desired location thereby tricking the internet into believing you are somewhere else entirely. Choose one of the best VPN providers for your safety – VPNShazam.

VPNShazam is like a kryptonite which shields you from all the prying eyes across the World. Our network consists of 1800+ VPN servers spread across 140 countries which guarantees 99.9% up time. With our fastest speeds and ultimate Wi-Fi security you cannot resist opting in to our service. One more reason to buy our service is that it is available at just $2.5/month. Get VPNShazam by clicking here and follow below steps to stay totally secure. Turn on VPNShazam -> Connect To Any Server -> Start Your Session In Incognito Mode -> Deactivate Tracking Apps and Avoid Free Apps -> Open a Secure Browser -> Enjoy Your Hassle Free Browsing Experience.

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