13Jan 2020



Using VPN Service Permanently? Consider these Factors First

VPN services

Having a VPN service active on your network allows you to stay anonymous while you surf the internet. It makes sure your data remains hidden from online data collection tools and organizations. It also allows you to access information that may not be accessible to you due to censorship or location-based restrictions (geoblocking).

However, most people tend to use VPN free by using any of the vast numbers of free tools available online. This is because they use it for a singular purpose which doesn’t last long and is not required daily. But there are some situations where one might consider buying a paid VPN service. If you are considering it, you should check if you qualify for that expense or not. We are sharing the most commonly occurring scenarios where a VPN unlimited service might be of use to you.

Bypass Geoblocking

Geoblocking is a test that ensures you are viewing certain data while being present in an approved list of countries. This is often an issue for people trying to access content on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc. You can bypass it by using a free VPN in the case of Hulu since it only checks for location when the stream is loading. Once you have passed, you can turn off the VPN and use the full bandwidth of your network. The same solution does not work with Netflix as it immediately detects the change. For that, having a VPN unlimited bandwidth is your only solution.

Protecting Your Privacy

If your internet usage is sensitive and you want to protect your identity, it is highly recommended that you find a high-security VPN service that protects you effectively against online attacks. Opting for something that offers military-grade encryption is often the choice for most people looking for complete online privacy. Also, look for bonus features such as an auto connection killer which disconnects you immediately if the VPN fails.

Slow Internet

This is a scenario where most people should avoid using the VPN due to simple logic. If your internet connection is simply not fast enough on its own, getting a VPN service will only lead to a further decrease in speed since your data is now traveling a much longer distance. However, if your ISP’s line is facing a bottleneck or throttling then using a VPN could really help. This way, your traffic will be directed from some other close-by server and provide better bandwidth, even if it is through the VPN free option.

Using Public Wi-Fi

This one is pretty straightforward. If you frequently use public Wi-Fi then definitely consider buying an unlimited VPN account as public networks are the easiest to hack into. The number of people who have fallen victim to public Wi-Fi hacks is pretty much unlimited.

If you are looking for a secure and high-speed VPN that doesn’t break your bank, you could give something like VPN Shazam’s Turbo Dynamic VPN a try and protect yourself online with ease.