6 Reasons Why to Use A VPN Service

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Why To Use VPN

6 Reasons Why to Use A VPN Service

Why use a VPN service is a general question by the common mass. However, you must know that the COVID-19 pandemic processes the risk of an increase in cyberattacks. Yes, Hackers target people’s increased reliance on digital tools. For a long time, VPNs were only used for businesses to secure internal networks. Today, their use has become massively democratized, and the leading Virtual Private Network providers highlight many other features.

In 2020, why to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? What are its main use cases? What will you be able to do if you subscribe to one of the best VPNs? If you lack inspiration, here’s why using a VPN in 2020 can be extremely convenient.

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Stowmarket Browse Anonymously

The first answer to the question “why to use a VPN” concerns your anonymity. If you read our article on the definition of Virtual Private Network, you certainly know that this software allows you to encrypt your data, but also to hide your IP address.

Therefore, a Virtual Private Network will allow you to browse anonymously. What does anonymous mean? This means that no one will be able to know who you are.

What identifies you on the internet, your IP address will be hidden. It is that of your Internet service provider (ISP) that will be visible. Thus, regardless of your internet activity (simple browsing, or downloading), you will be completely anonymous.

Make sure, however, that your Virtual Private Network provider keeps no log and that it does have the Kill Switch functionality.


Use VPN For Protection From Hackers

Let’s continue this list to help you understand why to use a VPN in 2020. In addition to changing your IP, the Virtual Private Network encrypts your data. Thus, all the data that passes through the secure tunnel (created by your VPN) is unreadable to anyone. It is because they do not have the decryption key.

Thanks to this encryption, you will protect yourself against hackers. These are particularly virulent on public Wi-Fi. When you connect, for example, to a hotel, Wi-Fi is very rarely secure. The fact that they are not encrypted makes it very easy for anyone with minimal computer knowledge to see what everyone on the network is doing.

This concerns both the banking information you provide as well as the sites you visit or the messages you send via messaging applications (if they are not encrypted).

The VPN, therefore, offers you adequate protection against these growing risks on the internet. However, you must be sure that your DNS is not leaking when you are using Virtual Private Network.


Unblock Blocked Sites Or Services

If you are faced with an inaccessible website or an app that is not working, VPN might help. Why use a VPN in this case? How is it able to unblock a blocked site?

Let’s chalk out a straightforward example that we experienced during a trip to the United Arab Emirates. There, it is not possible to fully use Whatsapp. Messages work, but you cannot make a video call. The same goes for Skype or Facetime. All we had to do was activate our VPN (thus encrypting our data) to unblock Whatsapp completely.

Also, in this same country, for religious reasons, some sites were blocked. Here again, the activation of the VPN made it possible directly to unblock access to the site and bypass the blocks.

Well, no need to go to Dubai to see blocked sites. Your mailbox firewall may prevent some websites on your company network. This often concerns social networks, adult sites, or online casinos.

Why does using VPN help here? Quite simply because, by encrypting your data, the VPN prevents the ISP from seeing what you are doing on the internet. Since the latter is not able to see the request you are making or to see the sites you visit, it cannot block you. It’s that simple!


Bypass The Geo-Restriction

Why use a VPN when traveling? Very often to circumvent geo-restriction. What then is this thing? Geo-restriction, also known as geographic censorship, aims to restrict access to certain content depending on your location.

Online services analyze your IP address to know where you are. This digital address indicates where you are located and will then give you access, or not, to specific content.

The content VPN users are most looking to access TV channels or streaming platforms. Using a VPN, it is, for example, possible to watch Netflix from abroad. This is an excellent example of why you need to use a VPN service.

Bypassing geo-restriction is a massive use case for VPNs. If you’re a frequent traveler and want to continue to access all your favorite content on the go, you might want to consider getting a VPN.


Use Virtual Private Network To Save Money

Little known, this use of VPNs is fascinating. Yes, you read that right, by paying for a VPN provider, you will be able to save money. How is it possible? Why use a VPN allows you to spend less?

You may have already heard of online booking platforms (hotels and planes). You know what? They adjust their prices according to your interest in a hotel, or for a flight.  They track you via your IP address and cookies and also adjust rates according to your location.

Remember. A VPN allows you to change your IP address. Thus, you will appear each time as a new visitor, avoiding re-targeting and increasing prices. But it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, the VPN will allow you to go to other countries.

Some people have managed to save more than 500 euros on a plane ticket between Paris and Los Angeles by placing their IP in the USA! You will quickly forget the few dollars spent each month on your VPN provider.


Unbridle Its Bandwidth

To finish this article on the top 6 reasons why to use a VPN, we want to talk about a rarer case, but not impossible.

In some rare cases, your VPN provider may not slow down your internet connection, but speed it up! Be careful; don’t make us say what we didn’t answer. In most cases, the reverse will happen, and for totally logical reasons related to how the VPN itself works, the VPN makes you lose a bit of speed.

But, if you have an ISP that slows your bandwidth for certain activities, such as streaming, a VPN can help you gain speed.

For a long time, free was known to limit the bandwidth of its users when they watched Netflix. Using a Virtual Private Network then made it possible to encrypt the data, preventing free from seeing that we were watching Netflix.

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