How To Configure VPN On Mobile Phones

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Configure VPN On Mobile Phones (iOS And Android)

How To Configure VPN On Mobile Phones

Probably most of the people are in difficulties to know how to configure VPN on Mobile Phones (iOS and Android). There is always a prevalent complaint that using a VPN on the Mobile phone always makes the device slow. Slow while browsing. This notion is, in fact, inaccurate. If you are using a VPN service from a prominent provider like VPNShazam, you will never complain about the slow issues. However, you must configure the recommended setting. Today, we will explain all the necessary guidelines on how you can configure VPN on Mobile (iOS and Android).

Before diving into the simple and easy guideline to configure VPN service on mobile phones, let’s discuss in brief what a VPN service is.

What is a VPN service?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows you to locate your IP address elsewhere than at home. Again at the same time VPN allows you to encrypt the data that circulates between your device and the VPN server. As a result, your real IP address becomes invisible to the services you access.

Tracking is possible anywhere in the world as long as your service provider has a server there. That is to say, that, for example, you can adopt an IP address from a server located in New York, even if you live in Dubai. Once connected to this server, as you now have a US IP address (in our example), you can, for example, access the US IP Netflix catalog.

So much for the little reminder, a VPN is cool. It serves a lot of things. Besides, its use should really be part of your moves. Today we’re going to take a look at the different VPN connection methods on smartphones.

The application of your VPN provider

We will start with the simplest, and take advantage of what we pay, the application provided by your VPN provider. When you subscribe to a VPN provider, in addition to access to its servers, the company offers you with at least one application. This application is primarily used to simplify the connection to the various servers available. But it is also often used for other things. These things include changing the connection protocol, managing DNS servers, and using the multiple options specific to the provider.

Usually,  VPN providers offer applications compatible with a variety of operating systems. At a minimum, with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Said applications might also have been developed for other methods. Such as Linux, Windows Phone (even if that doesn’t help much), Android TV, Chrome OS, Amazon Firestick, etc.

These VPN apps/applications from the service providers are very secure and quite fast. It allows you to establish a connection between different ports. It is, therefore, very convenient if one of these ports is blocked on the network to which you are connected. You can configure these VPN smartphone apps using the configuration option. This option, depending on the country which you want to be connected, will be downloaded from your VPN provider. When the application is installed, all you must check the setting option. The provider will give you full instructions to configure the VPN apps on smartphones.

So, the easiest way, on your mobile phone, to take advantage of the services of your VPN provider is to install its application from your phone’s store, Play Store or App Store or the VPN service provider.

Then all you need to do is identify yourself using your username and password. Then choose a country to connect and click on the connect button.

Let’s Discover How To Configure VPN On Mobile Phones Manually

Almost all VPN providers allow connection to their servers using a manual link. Perhaps the application does not work on your device, or that, depending on your country of residence, the VPN app is not available. It is also possible that the operating system version of your smartphone is too old for you to install this application.

In this case, several connection protocols can be offered. Generally, on Android, you will have the right to PPTP (a little obsolete), L2TP, and IPsec. And on iOS, we also find L2TP and IPsec, but we also find IKEv2. Depending on the protocol you choose, there may be several variants; for example, L2TP exists with authentication by pre-shared key, or by certificate. Depending on the option selected, you will, therefore, need to get closer to your supplier’s knowledge base to know the details necessary to configure the connection.

As you will be setting up the connection manually, in addition to all the credentials, you will also need the address of the server you are interested in. This information you can get from your VPN service provider.

Whether on iOS or Android, once you have gathered all the information necessary to configure the connection, you just have to fill in the various VPN configuration fields in your settings.

Configuring VPN With Android Mobile Phones

On Android, go to your smartphone’s “settings,” then click on “VPN” (sometimes you have to go first with “network”), then on “Add a VPN connection.”

Configuring VPN With Apple iPhones

On iOS, click on the “Settings” icon, then “VPN,” and as on Android, on “Add a VPN configuration.”  Once the connection is configured, you just need to activate it from the phone settings. The phone warns you that using a VPN can be dangerous because your data will pass through a third-party server, once you have validated this warning, a small icon at the top of your screen will notify you that you are connected.

Configure VPN On Mobile Phones via a third-party application

There are many VPN service providers around the earth. Some are excellent. However, some are not even up to the mark. Besides, you can find many VPN service providers on the internet who claim that they are the best. Keep in mind; they are costly. They are just making a profit by charging more money than necessary. You can get many third-party apps/applications on the internet, which you can download and configure VPN on Mobile Phones (iOS and Android). You can configure these apps the same way you set the VPN apps provided by the service providers. However, keep in mind, it is always wiser to configure VPN mobile apps provided by the service providers.

Whichever connection method you choose to configure VPN on Mobile Phones, it’s important to remember that in today’s digital world, it can be essential to use a VPN service to protect your personal data. By da by, you should also know that some provider provides the smart setting.

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