Do You Know Free VPNs Leak Your Secure Data?

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Free VPNs Leak Your Secure Data

Do You Know Free VPNs Leak Your Secure Data?

Free VPNs leak your secure data. However, most of you probably are thinking that such information is a fake one. The paid VPNs are possibly spreading rumours for their business policies, which you may think. However, recently, it has been proved that seven free VPNs expose secure data of the users! Yes, they leak reliable and secure data. We will expose how they leak the data. Earlier, we have written about how you can ensure your VPN access remain seamless.

According to a recent report by the researchers at vpnMentor, free VPNs, which allow you to browse the Internet anonymously using different IP addresses than the user, they are responsible leaking your reliable and secure data.

Indeed, the team discovered the existence of a security breach in seven of them. These all free VPNs are causing data leak of 20 million users! However, keep in mind that hackers can use this data. The hackers may carry out malicious activities targeting their owners, such as phishing attacks or hacks. Thus, the hacker may hack your social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. Moreover, the hacker may get access to your bank information! If you want to know more about how you can secure your Instagram account, you can read our article titled: 8 Tips to Secure Your Instagram Account.

Free VPNs That Leak Secure Data

Do you want to get a list of these free seven VPNs which expose your secure data? Here is the list for you.

  • Fast VPN,
  • Flash VPN,
  • Free VPN,
  • Rabbit VPN.
  • Secure VPN and
  • Super VPN,
  • UFO VPN,

Interestingly, these all seven free VPNs claim that they do not record user activity on their respective apps. Having several things in common, these seven VPNs were said to have been designed by a single application developer, the researchers suggest.

However, they left the personal data of their users on an Elasticsearch server wholly open and accessible to everyone. This means that your data is no more secure. Plus, they’re all based in Hong Kong. They also have only one payee, and the name of the payee is Dreamfii HK Limited company. Additionally, three of the VPNs share an almost identical branding on their websites.

Data Exposed

According to the report, data was still exposed during the investigation. The researchers even found recent entries.

The data saved in the Elasticsearch server is:

  • users’ email addresses and passwords as well as password change requests;
  • the activity of and devices used such as connection logs, browsing history, originating IP address, device type or Internet service provider;
  • the information relating to the users’ Paypal account as well as the identifiers of the holders of cryptocurrency accounts;
  • data entries marked Huawei;
  • identifiable personal data (full names, personal or professional address, originating IP address and also VPN server’s IP address, and
  • log in details for the VPN account.

In total, more than a billion records, weighing 1.207 terabytes and belonging to more than 20 million users have been exposed!

Bottom Lines

Besides, vpnMentor advises users to be extra vigilant in choosing a VPN provider to avoid data leaks. This security flaw should indeed be taken seriously since the leaked data can be used by malicious individuals to carry out very effective phishing campaigns.

Moreover, information about e-money accounts could be enough for hackers to steal money belonging to its owner. If you are using free VPNs, you may ask what you can do now. The answer is very straightforward. Don’t use free VPNs which leak your secure data. To stop leaking your protected data, you must stop using a free VPN. There are many best VPNs in the market. You may get a cost-effective VPN. So, don’t take more stress thinking paid VPN is very expensive. We suggest you try VPNShazam. VPNShazam never keeps records of your secure data. Thus, you can roam around the Internet without stress. Yes, VPNShazam never leaks reliable and secure data!

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