Tik Tok Teen Protection Guidelines for The Parents

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Tik Tok Teen Protection Guidelines For The Parents

Tik Tok Teen Protection Guidelines for The Parents

The phenomenon application Tik Tok has conquered all teens on the planet. Probably your children, especially the teens, spend a lot of time on it. And you wonder about the dangers of Tik Tok’s use. Tik Tok is currently rolling out a new parental control mode. So, you can keep tabs on it. We will explain everything to you on the Tik Tok Teen Protection Tips.

It is officially the most downloaded application in the world. Since its first version in 2014, launched by a Chinese start-up, and its acquisition of Musical.ly in 2017, the popularity of Tik Tok has continued to increase to reach completely crazy figures. More than 800 million users! However, parents are concern about how they can protect their teens from the adverse effect of Tik Tok.

You know what? After many dark stories of pedophilia, the app has recently tightened its security settings and given parents a little more power. Because even if the concept of the application is new and looks nothing like other market players, it is essential to know that Tik Tok is nonetheless a social network, with all that that implies. Newly implemented, the “Family security” feature will now allow you to link your account to that of your child, by scanning the QR code of your profile, and thus activate the mode, which you can then configure. Therefore, an introduction to a new feature is soothing to the parents. Yes, from this feature, you can ensure Tik Tok teen protection.

What Do We Do On Tik Tok? 

Almost everything. The app has taken on the “mission to capture and present creativity to the world.” In a concise format, you can take a video of yourself doing choreography on pre-recorded music, singing, parodying, playing, drawing, doing magic, swimming, running, staging yourself, everything on Tik Tok. Moreover, we must admit that the content remains rather benevolent most of the time, unlike other social networks like Twitter or Facebook. The videos scroll in what is called the “feed,” which appears when opening the application.

Tik Tok Under 13 Teen Protection Guideline

The application was initially designed for a very young audience. On the App Store or Android, it is therefore indicated “+12”. However, only a child 13 years of age or older can claim its download.  It’s easy to lie about age. Right? This is the reason; you may find many teenagers less than thirteen years of age are using Tik Tok.

In the “parents” section of the platform’s website, it is stated that if you discover that a child under 13 has created a Tik Tok account, you can notify Tik Tok at the following address:


Then Tik Tok will take appropriate action. Thus, your Teenage child will no be able to use Tik Tok unless s/he becomes thirteen years old.

Tik Tok Teen Protection Guideline To Control the Time and Content

The “Family security” mode now allows you to:

Check Screen Time

In the “Digital well-being”> “Time spent management” section. With a password, you will expect a period of 40 to 120 minutes per day. When the time is up, a video will pop up on your kid’s screen, in which well-followed Tik Tok creators will kindly and humorously tell them that the time limit has passed. He will no longer have access to the “feed.”

Tik Tok Teen Protection: Activate “Restricted” Mode 

Still, in the “Digital well-being” section, “Restricted mode” is a new feature that blocks “inappropriate” content to which your child may be exposed.

Control Private Messages

You will now be able to deactivate the messaging system for your child’s account or list the people authorized to send them messages. However, it does not allow you to read their contents. To activate this new mode, all you have to create an account (which can be non-active and private) and go to the settings where the “Family security” mode will be suggested to you.

How Do I Protect My Teen’s Personal Information?

You can make their account private to control who can access their content, who subscribes to them, and who can send them messages. This way, your teen can accept or decline a subscription request. Namely that for this type of connection, you must first agree, then, in turn, send an application, which must also be accepted, to reinforce the security steps. For messages, he will not be able to receive them unless the person is an “approved” subscriber.

It is also possible to make one or more content private so that it is not visible to other users.

Note that even if the account is private, other users have access to the name, profile picture, and biography. Also, it is recommended not to include personal information such as age, address, or telephone number.

When an account is public, the published content is accessible to everyone. However, messages cannot be received either without being reciprocally subscribed to a person.

What Measures Are in Place to Fight Cyber-Harassment?

Whether the account is private or public, your teen can block someone at any time and prevent them from contacting them again. No blocking notification will be sent to the individual in question.

It can also enable restrictions on comments, video duets, or messages at any time, in the privacy and security settings.

Finally, it is possible to report a video, user, or comment that would be inappropriate or that would violate the Terms of Service of the application. Reporting can be done directly from the app.

Bottom Lines

The new feature of this application will certainly help parents to take action on Tik Tok teen protection. However, parents must try to talk to their teens face to face with a very consistent tone. It is, however, imperative to be very friendly with the teens. Otherwise, the teens may react in a very negative way if you coarsely deal with them. It is also essential for each parent to understand that your and your teens’ data may be at high risk if your teens are using a free VPN. It is always wiser to choose a virtual private network (VPN) to avoid any unfavorable consequences. Even you can remain safe from the DDoS attack if you use VPNShazam. However, you can read more about online scams. If you know how the online scams work, you will be able to protect yourself and your teens.

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Tik Tok Teen Protection Guidelines for The Parents

Probably your children spend a lot of time on Tik Tok. We will explain everything to you on the Tik Tok Teen Protection Tips.

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