The best VPN Reseller programs in the Virtual networks industry.
We have implemented a lot of working hours to accomplish adding these new features for our clients to able to start their own online or local VPN business.


Our Reseller Program is Unique and you will not find it anywhere!!


New Idea! Online and Local Resellers! What is this?!

1. Online resellers: which will allow our Resellers to offer the VPN services on their websites.
2. Local VPN Reseller: Which will allow our resellers to offer the VPN services for their clients locally and create the VPN account for their clients from their office or shop.

3. By the way, you can be Online and Local Reseller in the same time. Nice right!


Eligibility to participate:
1. Anyone from any country is eligible.

2. Domain name (

3. Deposit $49 which you can use to create accounts. You can use this credit to create accounts for both Reseller packages.


VPNShazam Resellers Packages:
we have developed 2 types of packages for our Online & Local Resellers:

1. Dynamic IPs VPNShazam account

2. Static IPs/ Dedicated IPs VPN


VPNShazam Local & Online Resellers Package info:
1. All that you need is a domain name and internet connection.
2. It's possible for anyone to start selling VPN account from his store with a very low capital like ($49).
3. We prefer renting WHMCS billing system as we will provide you with ready API files and modules. No Development Required. If you would like to use another billing system, then you will need to develop your own API files.
3. Sell the VPN accounts with any Price you want.
4. No one will know that we are behind you.
5. All Accounts will be created Automatically or Manually By Reseller preference.
6. Reminder emails will be sent for the clients before the expiry dates of the VPN account.
7. Create, Renew, Suspend, Unsuspend, Change password and terminate Accounts from the billing system.
8. Create and sell VPN accounts from your available balance with us.

9. You will be responsible to collect payments and support your clients.
10. We will provide our resellers with windows VPN connector branded using their own logo worth $1000 for Free.


VPN Account features which you will be able to offer for your expected clients:

VPNShazam is a unique VPN service provider. We provide both types of VPN services for our clients to start their own VPN business. VPNShazam gives the Resellers the possibility to sell Dynamic and Static VPN accounts.


      A. Dynamic VPNShazam accounts features:


This package supports 2000+ servers and will change the IP every time the client connects/Disconnects from the network.
1. Unlimited Download and traffic.
2. 300,000+ IP worldwide, +2000 Servers from +140 Countries.
3. Dynamic IPs for better anonymity. Your IP will be changed each time you Connect/Disconnect.
4.  Multi Login per account at the same time (4 Multi login).
5. High-speed servers and Connection
6. Unblock all the websites and applications and watch your favorite movies and shows online with Netflix, Hulu, and BBC…etc.
7. Secure your internet connection and protect your privacy.

8. Works from all regions and countries.

9. Bypass all the Governments restriction and browse the internet freely.

10. Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP.


Resellers start at $3.99 / account / Month /  5 Devices. This Price can be reduced in two ways:

  1. increase the sales volume per month so we can reduce the prices dramatically.
  2. Deposit more than $500.

Note: longer period price like 24 months has a cheaper monthly cost.  

     B. Static / Dedicated VPNShazam account Features: 

It has full features and access to our dynamic network Plus a static IP that is not shared and fixed to be used by only one client.




Which one is better, Dynamic or static VPN accounts?

It depends on the client’s preference. If the client is just looking for anonymity and to change his location, then both of the accounts will work for him. So the cheaper plan will be better for him. The difference is that some applications require that the IP used to connect to be the same all the time. In this case it’s a must for the client to use Static IP. Normally this is required by the people who are managing business overseas.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

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