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Hook to be installed in WHMCS to help managing the automation process.
Filesize: 1.16 kB
Dedicated IP VPN WHMCS Reseller Module PHP 5.6 - 7.0
To create VPN accounts with dedicated IPs from 6 locations, you have to use this module when you have php 5.6 to 7.0
Filesize: 29.4 kB
Dedicated IP WHMCS Reseller module - PHP 7.2
This module to be used when the reseller would like to offer dedicated IPs from our 6 locations.
Filesize: 80 kB
Reseller Read me PDF
This Manual contains details and steps how to create VPN accounts and managing it using our clients area and Reseller panel
Filesize: 241 kB
Turbo Dynamic VPN - WHMCS Reseller Module for PHP 5.6

Filesize: 28.8 kB
Turbo Dynamic VPN - WHMCS Reseller Module for PHP 7.2
This Version works with PHP 7.2
Filesize: 36.3 kB
Unbranded Android App
VPN Resellers Unbranded android App. Can be used and sent to Reseller's clients and no one will know that we are behind you!
Filesize: 17.4 MB
Unbranded Windows App
VPN Resellers Unbranded application.
Filesize: 9.9 MB
Unbranded Windows App WITH Channels and city options
This is an upgraded version with new features. We have included options to choose cities and to unblock channels like Netflix. it includes new customized servers that unblock the channels worldwide.
Filesize: 15.8 MB
VPNShazam Servers / host names list
If your clients are looking to connect to VPN manually, please share with them those servers list or you can brand the servers list with your own brand using Cname in your DNS record.
Filesize: 12 kB
VPNShazam WHMCS & Manual
Please read this manual in full to understand the process of creating VPN accounts and setting up WHMCS module API.
Filesize: 604 kB
WHMCS Reseller Manual PDF
This is a guide for how to install the WHMCS module and setup it on your WHMCS.
Filesize: 332 kB