Android PPTP tutorial


Here is a short how-to which will guide you through the setup and use of personal PPTP VPN on your Android phone:

How to Set Up personal PPTP VPN

1. Go to “Settings” on your mobile phone, and select “Wireless Controls”
2. Select “VPN settings
3. Select “Add VPN
4. Select “Add PPTP VPN
5. Set a “VPN name” as you like, and Set VPN server (we will provide you with this on the VPN account information). Check the "Enable encryption" if it's unchecked. Save the setting.

How to use personal PPTP VPN on your android phone

1. Go to “Settings” on your mobile phone, and select “Wireless Controls
2. Select “VPN settings
3. Connect to the VPN network you just set up
4. Key in your username and password, then click “Connect”. 
5. Once there is a small key-like icon on the left side of your notification bar, your phone is connected to the VPN.

Note: some Android versions does not support encryption, even if you select it. If you can't connect using PPTP or you get connected for a short time and no traffic is going, try a L2TP connection as those seems to work better on Android.


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