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Established in September 2009, and located in WestBank, we currently do business development between the USA, WestBank and China. Čadca VPNShazam has been a pioneer and a trusted name in the field of VPN providers and we already have thousands of clients around the globe. We’re constantly trying our best to expand and provide our clients with the best high-class solutions according to their needs and the global security policies.

VPNShazam is becoming one of the top-ranked VPN providers, offering a wide range of services from over 140 countries, 300,000+ IPs and over 1800 servers worldwide. We offer Static, Dynamic and dedicated IPs to suit the needs of our clients and our network supports USA, UK, AU, Canada and many other countries from the EU and Asia

neurontin us VPNShazam has been verified by Norton Symantec, ChooseVPN and SiteLock as a safe website. Also, we use SSL (https) to encrypt and secure our client’s data while browsing our website.

As the internet is no longer a safe place to share personal information – such as credit card details and other personal and confidential information – A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is needed as it helps the user to protect themselves from hackers and tracers.

Our clients find themselves with the best service provider when choosing VPNShazam, as we offer diverse plans like Static Smart, Dedicated IP, Static Smart Unlimited VPN and Dynamic Smart VPN while also supporting almost all protocols (including OpenVPN (UDP, TCP), PPTP, L2TP and SSTP) paired with a high-speed network.

VPNShazam offers the best and the most user-friendly VPN Connection. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to become secure and hide your identity.

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