VPNShazam's Frequently asked questions. Answered
How do I setup the VPN account?

You have different options to set up the VPN account. Please visit our Setup Page to find the guide best suited for you.

Can I get a trial account prior to purchase?

Unfortunately, not. However, we offer a 7 day money-back guarantee if you don’t like our services and we will happily refund you.

Will the VPN slow down my system or internet connection?

Regular users will not see much diffrence. Regarding the connection / VPN speed it will be affected a little as it depends on many factors such as ISP, Protocol used, selected server, client’s real locattion and much more. We optimised our servers and applications to give the best speed. 

Can I use VOIP services when buying any of the available VPN plans?

Yes, you can. Please check the available packages here

Does VPNShazam support Windows?

Yes, our VPN accounts support most of the platforms. For more information on how to set up your VPN account manually, please check the setup page.

I'm getting Error 806. What do I do?

Your firewall is probably enabled and stopping the VPN program from working. You’ll need to open port 1723 to resolve this error. For more info, please check for solutions here.

Can I increase the speed of my connection when using VPNShazam?

Unfortunately, you cannot increase your existing connection with your ISP. However, some users report that PP2P applications run better on VPN Accounts.

Does it also protect other protocols, like ICQ, Mail and FTP?
Once you’re connected to our VPN servers, all programs use a virtual network interface, which protects all programs that access the internet on your computer.
Can I use this VPN on a public computer?
Yes, you can! It’s able to run on any computer but you will need to have administrative privileges to be able to configure and establish a network connection.
Why can't I connect from China?
We have special servers made only for our Chinese users. You’ll need to look for the Chinese Clients servers list to have stable connectivity from the China homeland.

The VPN server hostname – domain may be blocked.

You need to get the IP address for VPN server which you are looking to connect to. Please contact us to get the IP addresses list.

Once you have the server IP address, modify your VPN client configuration and change server address from hostname to IP address. Simply use IP as a server address.

Can I send mail while using VPN?
Yes, you can. All normal online activities are available.
What is the difference between Dynamic and Dedicated IP?
  1. Dynamic IP
    When you connect to the VPN, then our server will mask your real IP and change it to a new Public IP which will be chosen automatically from the free IP addresses on that VPN server. This IP address is not shared and you can use it until you disconnect your VPN session. Next time you connect to the VPN again, then the IP address may change to another one which is currently available. With dynamic IP plan, you can connect and switch to any of the available VPN servers.
  2. Dedicated (static) IP
    We will give you a dedicated IP which will be always static. Whenever you connect to the VPN, you will always get the same IP address. If you purchase VPNShazam Dedicated IP, you can find your dedicated IP address in you Members Area. Please mind that the IP address always belongs to only one VPN server so it will work only on the selected VPN server. Its hard to change your Dedicated IP account so you need to ask for another account. Dedicated IP can be useful if you need some of your computers to be accessible remotely. For example you can setup WEB, FTP, Remote Desktop server on your computer and anyone from the internet can access your computer remotely
How often does dynamic IP change? How many IPs do you have?
We have over 300,000 IP addresses on all servers and the number of these IPs increase as needed.

If you need very often IP address changing, then this service is what do you need (Dynamic Smart VPN). This IP will change each time you start new connection.

How to keep Dedicated IP unchanged when renewing my service?
If you wish to keep your current dedicated IP unchanged, then you have to purchase the next VPN period at any time before the date when your Dedicated IP VPN service expires. For example, let’s say that your Dedicated VPN service expires on 2009-09-10. So you can log in to the Members Area anytime before this date and make a purchase (renew) of next period. The new VPN period will continue to your currently running period (it will start from 2009-09-11), so you will not lose any day of your VPN service and IP address will remain assigned to your account.

In case that your VPN service would expire without the purchase of next period, then your currently used Dedicated IP will be free for the other users.

Do you keep logs?

No, we do not monitor or keep any connection or usage logs of our clients.

How much data can I transfer?

All our packages have unlimited bandwidth transfer.

What is the average speed of VPNShazam?

Unfortunately, the speed differs for each customer. Please note that all data has to be encrypted to the VPN server first and then sent on to the target server. That’s why the speed via VPN is always a bit lower than via your normal internet connection. The speed differs on each of our servers and it is always affected by many factors:

  1. The distance between the customer, VPN server and target server
  2. The customer’s ISP international peering connectivity
  3. Network and bandwidth policies of ISP
Can I use P2P (such as BitTorrent) with your VPN?

Yes, it’s possible to use P2P with our servers that are located in countries which allow P2P.

Can I watch TV online from other countries (like the UK or US)?

Yes, you can! If you would like to watch UK online TV like BBC iPlayer, you’ll just need to be connected to one of our VPN servers located there. The same goes for the US.

Why is my VPN connection speed so low?

There can be many different reasons for a slow VPN connection:

  1. Long-distance between your device and our VPN server.
  2. The bottleneck on your ISP’s international peering connectivity or trouble on some links between you and the VPN server.
  3. The speed could be regulated by your Internet provider (ISP).

All the mentioned causes are different for each customer and we are not able to influence it. All servers are connected at least via the 100/Mb port and the servers are not being overloaded.


  1. Generally, the closest server to your location should provide the best speed and latency.
  2. You can try to use all of the supported VPN protocols. PPTP and L2TP/IPSec are generally faster than the SSTP and OpenVPN.
  3. Try to connect via another ISP (friend’s Internet connection).
what type encryption do you use?

We use 256-bit AES Encryption to secure our VPN service.