How to setup OpenVPN on Android

Step 1

buy ivermectin Download the VPNShazam’s configuration files that is applicable to your subscription as below links: Dynamic VPN Configuration file.

For Dedicated VPN unique IP has been sent to you with VPN account details after your payments.

Then go to your Downloads folder and unzip the ovpn

You can do it on any device and finally you can send unzipped .ovpn files to your phone memory.

Step 2

Now you need to install OpenVPN app from google play store. Once installed please open app.

Step 3

After opening the OpenVPN connect app press on Option button (3 dots).

Step 4

Now press on Import.

Step 5

Choose Import Profile from SD card or where you have stored .ovpn files.

Step 6

Find the folder where you unzipped the OpenVPN configuration files. Open this folder and select the one of server’s config file you want. Press on Select button.

Step 7

Type your VPNShazam username and password. Press Connect.

Step 8

In “Permission request box” press OK.

Step 9

You are connected. To disconnect just press on Disconnect button.