iPhone PPTP VPN setup

Step 1

Navigate to your home screen (or whichever page contains the ‘Settings’ app) by closing the current app, pressing the ‘Home’ button near the base of the unit, or by swiping to the ‘Spotlight’ search, and entering ‘Settings’. Launch the ‘Settings’ app with a single tap.

Step 2

Once the ‘Settings’ app is open navigate to the ‘General’ category and open it with a single tap.

Step 3

In the ‘General category find the VPN settings and open it with a single tap.

Step 4

When the ‘VPN’ settings panel opens tap the ‘Add VPN Configuration…’ with a single tap.

Step 5

Once the ‘Add Configuration’ panel opens tap the ‘Type’ which is defaulted to ‘IKEv2’ and tap ‘L2TP’ to change the protocol. Then fill in a descriptive title of your choice for the new VPN connection. For the ‘Server’ field below, fill in the desired host from VPN Account Details Emailed. When filling in the ‘Account’ and ‘Password’ fields, keep in mind our authentication system is case-sensitive. Do NOT enable the ‘RSA SecurID’ field between the ‘Account’ and ‘Password’ fields. For the ‘Secret’ field enter ‘12345678’. Confirm that the ‘Send All Traffic’ switch is in the ‘ON’ position. Finally, look for the blue ‘Done’ button in the upper-right corner of the panel and tap to commit your settings.

Step 6

After saving, you will be brought back to the previous VPN connections page. To test the connection, look for the first item at the top of the category labelled ‘VPN Configurations’. After you have selected your connection, marked with a ‘check’, look for the toggle switch at the top of the frame, tap the toggle to enable a connection. Any error or warning messages will be displayed next to ‘Status’. If you can’t seem to get beyond this point, confirm that you’ve entered your username and password correctly. Contact our support team for further assistance through our support centre, making sure to provide any error or warning messages shown in the status indicator.

Step 7

Once a VPN is saved in your device you can connect by tapping the ‘Settings’ app from your home page. Followed by tapping the ‘VPN’ option toggle near the top of the list. Note this will connect you to the VPN server with the check mark in the ‘VPN’ settings panel under ‘General’ Settings.

Please note that iPhone will disconnect VPN when it is not in use (When you are not surfing the Internet). Also, whenever you change cellular network, iPhone will drop VPN connection and you will need to connect manually again. Please complain to Apple to fix these bugs.