Static Smart VPN

(Each Static Smart VPN Supports all the below Countries)


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Static Smart VPN

P2P Allowed from Romania
30GB Download

$6.79 USD Monthly
$18 USD Quarterly
$34 USD Semi-Annually
$55 USD Annually

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A shared IP connection can be an ultimate option for cost cutting. Shared IP is a really very useful concept, with Static Smart VPN, your IP address will be Static and shared with one or more than one client. Static IP means that the IP will remain the same when you will connect and disconnect your VPN session TO THE SAME SERVER. Some people say that the advent of Shared IP just saved the internet from its IP address depletion.

Get Fast, Secure and Affordable Static Smart VPN:

We at the VPNShazam offer a variety of plans for different types of virtual private networks. Out of these is the Static Smart VPN. With the trust over the quality of services we offer, the static smart VPN has already become popular among VPN users. 60% of the clients order and use this VPN plan.

But why ONLY Shazam Tech. LLC?

At VPNShazam, we do not ever compromise at the quality of services and this is one of our key mantra to attain cent percent customer satisfaction. We ensure that the users of Static Smart VPN are getting the full value of what they have paid.

Let us quickly have a look at the salient features of Shared IP.

» Data safety at its best. The Static Smart vpn plan with VPNShazam comes with up to 1024 bit data encryption which ensures that the data being shared stays safe and secure.
» Unlike the Dynamic Smart VPN, with Static Smart VPN your IP will be the same when connecting to the same server.
» Available from 30+ major countries of the world. Now you do not need to bother about which country you are in, just stay connected and switch to another country by one click!
» Speed of 100 mbps. It will make you go zoom each time when you’ll try to connect to a server or stream an online video or open any other website.
» PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN(UDP, TCP) Protocols.
» Get download limit of 30 GB per month
» Cheap and attractive Pricing. Plan prices starts from $4!

3 Months Static Smart

Regular Price

$6.79 USD Monthly

$13.58 USD For 2 Months

Offer Price

3rd MONTH JUST FOR $0.42


3 Months Dynamic

Regular Price

$10.95 USD Monthly

$21.90 USD For 2 Months

Offer Price

3rd MONTH JUST FOR $1.00