Static Unlimited VPN

(Each Static Unlimited VPN Supports all the below Countries)


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Static Unlimited VPN

P2P Allowed from Romania
Unlimited Download

$8.95 USD Monthly
$23.99 USD Quarterly
$43.89 USD Semi-Annually
$74.89 USD Annually

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Feel secure and Free with our VPN services, We are working hard to prepare and offer different packages which works and fits all the people from all around the world budgets and needs. Static unlimited VPN plan has a higher price than Static smart VPN because it is coming with Unlimited Data Transfer not like Static Smart VPN which supports just 30GB per month.

Static Unlimited VPN Features:
1. This package has the same features like Static Smart VPN but it comes with Unlimited traffic and download.
2. Enjoy being free to download and stream what ever you want.
3. Switch between all the static servers from 30+ countries and over 80 servers.
4. Unblock Websites and remove restrictions.
5. Secure your connections with VPNShazam.
6. Enjoy watching your most favorite shows from Hulu, Netflix and BBC etc…

3 Months Static Smart

Regular Price

$6.79 USD Monthly

$13.58 USD For 2 Months

Offer Price

3rd MONTH JUST FOR $0.42


3 Months Dynamic

Regular Price

$10.95 USD Monthly

$21.90 USD For 2 Months

Offer Price

3rd MONTH JUST FOR $1.00