How to setup PPTP VPN on TP-Link Routers

Step 01.

Go to your TP-Link router control panel on your browser. It should have the address by default (unless you changed it). And log in as admin.

Access your router control panel and click on ‘Network’ from the left panel and then click ‘WAN’.

TP-Link Setup step1
TP-Link Setup step2

Step 02.

In ‘WAN Connection Type’ select ‘PPTP/Russia PPTP’ from drop down menu.

Step 03.

Type in your VPNShazam ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in respective fields as received from VPNshazam.

TP-Link Setup step3
TP-Link Setup step4

Step 04.

Select ‘Dynamic IP’ or ‘Static IP’ for dedicated VPN account.

Step 05.

Download the VPNShazam’s desired server IP from our Dynamic VPN and Chines list or Mini Dynamic according to your purchased package and enter the address in this field.

TP-Link Setup step5
TP-Link Setup step6

Step 06.

Choose whether you would like to be reconnected manually, on demand or always.

Step 07.

When you have done the above, click on “Save”. You Are Done!

VPN connection will establish in few seconds.

TP-Link Setup step7


Today’s digital world is not at all safe and it is quite possible that a hacker may be trying to access the personal information stored on your system. This is why a VPN or Virtual Private Network has become very important.


When you use a VPN on a router, any device which connects to this router would be able to access the features of the VPN and stay protected.


Also, you just have to set up the VPN on the router just once after which you do not have to worry about switching it on or off. Once configured, the VPN will remain on forever. Wifi poaching can also be avoided when you set up the tp link VPN on your router.


From the above points, you can see how important setting up VPN on your router is. The step-by-step tutorial below will tell the users about how they can set up PPTP VPN on TP-Link routers.

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