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A Strong USA VPN service allows Internet users to secure their connection to a remote server based in the USA and access their favorite USA streaming websites and TV shows channels. A USA VPN operates by routing all the Clients traffic through its USA VPN server which encrypts the data and masks the original IP with server USA based IP. VPN connections are also used by corporate and business users to create secure connections between their several offices. Usually, the Data is encrypted by PPTP or L2TP/IPSec.


List of OUR services for USA VPN:

  1. US Dedicated VPN: Using this service, we will provide you and mask your real IP with one of ours USA dedicated IPs. This US dedicated IP will not be used by anyone except you.
  2. Shared USA VPN account With this service, we will transfer all your traffic through one of our US VPN servers and mask your IP.
  3. Multi-user US VPN Account: The Clients will be able to connect to the VPN using Multi PCs in the same time. These types of Accounts areavailable from USA VPN Servers Only.
  4. We offer Strong vpn with Shared IP and dedicated US VPN Accounts (dedicated IP) from 27 servers located inside the United States.
  5. We offer Free trail account with USA VPN Account for 1 hour testing purposes.


Watch your favorite Channels like Netflix, Hulu from Outside USA

For the Americans living in other countries like Turkey, Australia, UK, Israel etc. they would assume that websites like Netflix, Huluetc. can easily be accessed from outside USA. But as soon as they try to connect to Netflix, Hulu from a location outside USA territory, they will find that these websites are blocked and can’t watch their favorite TV shows as these websites detects the user location and denies them the access to the Netflix, Hulu etc.

Now, what is the solution for this?? The most reliable and secure way to access these websites from outside theUSA is through a USA VPN account. Using the US VPN Account no matter where you are, you will be able to access these streaming websites as the USA VPN Account will allow you to bypass the imposed restrictions and access your favorite shows.


Access USA only Websites from Anywhere

Using our USA VPN Account, we will forward all your traffic and data through our USA VPN Servers, and we will mask your real IP by providing you with one of our USA VPN IPs which will remove the geographic restrictions of these website and you will be able to browse all the USA websiteslike Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. . We offer US VPN Accounts from 27 different states inside the USA.


VPN SHAZAM is a leading VPN services provider that enables our clients worldwide to enjoy high speed Internet service without restrictions! Our Clients have been using our great VPN services since 2 years to watch Netflix, ABC, Roku Box, Hulu, CBS, Pandora, NBC, Facebook, Secure network, Games and many other services! They are impressed of the quality and service they get using VPN SHAZAM. We strive to make sure our customers enjoy unrestricted and fast VPN services. If any of our clients will face any difficulty to setup and use our VPN services, Please make sure that our Friendly Support team is always there to help them out!


Benefits of using USA (American) VPN:

  1. Enjoying your favorite USA Internet TV Channels like Netflix, Hulu, Roku Box, Pandora, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. from worldwide.
  2. Protect and secure your Online activates and communications from ISPs, hackers and data snoops.
  3. If you are in a state which restricts users from using many internet services such as social media sites and gamming then you can get your Freedom by using our USA VPN service.
  4. Using our VPN services, you can secure your Wi-Fi and cellular data connection.


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