Australia IP Address VPN

Get or Rent dedicated Australia IP Address VPN

Australia dedicated IP

$4.50 Monthly
*when ordered Biennially
  • Full Access to Dynamic VPN network
  • Static IP From AU
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unshared IP

Australia IP Address VPN, Do I need it?

The answer depends on your needs, so if you want to encrypt your connection and secure your data, then you need a VPN service. If you are living in Australia and would like to hide your real IP, then our AU Dedicated IP address will mask your real IP and keep all the streaming services and banks open for you without declaring your real IP.


Anyone in the world could get static IP from Australia using our VPN network.

Setup Australia virtual residence IP address


Living inside or outside Australia, you still can get a new virtual IP address in Australia that you can use to access all online Australian services.

Unblock Australia entertainment box!


Beside hiding your real IP, our Australian dedicated IP will help you to access and watch all TV channels and streaming websites, Also you can access and check all local deals that depends on your IP location.

Hide your Real Identity with IP address from Australia

Masking your IP with a new one by us will help you to protect your identity as the government and hackers can not trace you easily. You can use our VPN and your new IP address on any device with any operating system.   Check all our Dedicated IP VPN here


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