Get A Dedicated Canada IP Address when ordering Fixed Canadian IP VPN

Canada Dedicated IP

$4.17 Monthly
*when ordered Biennially
  • Full Access to Dynamic VPN network
  • Static IP From CA
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unshared IP

Why should you get a US IP Address VPN?

If you are not a resident of Canada and looking to access any local Canadian online services or website, it might be difficult without having a Canadian IP address. That’s why we offer static Canadian IP address through our VPN network for our clients. Enjoy internet freedom with VPNShazam.

Setup a Canadian virtual residence IP address

After purchasing Canada dedicated IP address from us, we will provide you with access to a clean and static IP address that will be used only by you. When you get access to the static and private IP address, you will be able to act online as you are physically living in Canada and grant easy access for all the online services including PayPal and all financial services.

Unblock All Canadian entertainment Tools!

Did you ever try to login and watch your favorite show when you were outside the Canadian boarders? If yes, then the reason is because of your IP address had been blocked. Streaming websites are normally sensitive to the IP address of the visitors, so how to watch the show without being blocked? it’s simple, you just need to order Canada Dedicated IP address from us so you can enjoy watching any streaming or TV channel you like.

Canadian IP address VPN to hide your identity

If you are browsing the internet from Canada, you can hide and encrypt your bandwidth by using our Canadian Static IP VPN. The government nor Internet service provider would be able to spy one you! If you are living outside Canada, You can get fixed Canadian IP and hide behind that IP. Protecting your real Identity is only one benefit of using VPNShazam Services and Packages.


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