UK dedicated IP VPN

Get your private UK dedicated IP VPN to enhance security and privacy

UK Dedicated IP

$4.17 Monthly
*when ordered Biennially
  • Full Access to Dynamic VPN network
  • Static IP From UK
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unshared IP

Points why do I need Static/dedicated IP from the UK

We offer UK dedicated and static clean IPs over our VPN network to fulfill our client’s needs!


By using our VPN network, you will be able to access your assigned static UK IP from anywhere in the world. If you are traveling for a vacation or moving abroad to study or to work, you will be able to act and live as you are still physically in the United Kingdom. Our UK Dedicated IP VPN will help you to access all resources and websites as you did not leave your country!

Setup UK virtual residence IP address


If you are a British citizen inside or outside the country and looking to protect your real location or to secure and encrypt your online data, then UK Dedicated IP VPN from VPNShazam will help you get your goals.


If you are citizens of any country in the world and have an interest in setup virtual addresses in the UK, then our UK Static / Dedicated IP address will help you out. All that you need is to sign up for our UK dedicated IP service and you will get access for a fixed static IP used only by you that helps to generate access for plenty of services and websites.

Enjoy British finanacial service, TV and shows!


When signing up for a British dedicate IP VPN, All your traffic and online usage will go through that British IP Address. doing so will open all the UK online services for you, such as Banks, streaming websites, TV channels, localized deals, classified ads and much more!


Log in to your british banks accounts, credit cards, Netflix UK, BBC hassle-free from any where in the world by one click using our UK Static IP VPN

UK IP address VPN Will help you hide your identity 

As all the traffic will go through your rented British IP address over the VPN network, then the real IP that you get from your internet service provider will be hidden and no one can trace it. This way you protect your identity and make so hard for hackers and tracer to do their jobs. The new static IP from the UK, will give you totally New identity than can be used to verify your new internet and online usage.


Risk Free!

No Hassle, 7 Days Refund guarantee!

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