Get Dedicated US IP Address when ordering Fixed USA IP VPN

USA Dedicated IP

$4.17 Monthly
*when ordered Biennially
  • Full Access to Dynamic VPN network
  • Static IP From USA
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unshared IP

Why should you get a US IP Address VPN?

You don’t have to reside in the United States to be able to legitimately access any US websites. If you are traveling on a business or vacation trip, or moving to study abroad for a longer period, you can get a dedicated static US IP address that will enable you to access all the websites and resources that you normally have access to. With this, you don’t have to worry about being unable to explore all geo-restricted online services. Are you an entertainment or sports lover? Are you worried that you won’t be able to enjoy your shows when you leave the USA to study, vacation, or work abroad?  Well, you don’t have to fret about that. VPNShazam has got you covered. You can get a US dedicated IP address at an affordable price.

Setup US virtual residence IP address

For US citizens within or outside the United States territory, you can add a strong layer of protection to your activities online. You can protect your actual location and secure/encrypt your online activities and data with a US Dedicated IP VPN offered by VPNShazam. This dedicated IP address allows you to act and explore the online platform as if you are physically resident in the United States. It gives seamless access to various online services like PayPal, and Netflix, among others.

You don’t necessarily have to be a citizen of the United States to set up virtual addresses in the US. If you want to explore websites that would have ordinarily been impossible for you to access due to restrictions, you can sign up for our US dedicated IP access to get access to a fixed static IP that you can use to gain access to numerous online resources and websites.

Explore US Entertainment and Financial Services without Restrictions!

If you have ever been denied access to a particular entertainment site or financial services platform because of your location, it’s time to change that. Streaming sites are usually sensitive to visitor’s IP address, which means if you log in from a restricted location, you will be blocked from accessing the site. However, when you sign up for our US static IP address, you can seamlessly access online platforms like streaming websites, US banks, Netflix US, US TV channels, credit cards, PayPal, BBC, localized deals, and a lot more, from anywhere around the world.

Protect your Identity with US IP Address VPN

When you sign up for our US IP Address VPN, you can hide your identity. Not only that, but you can also encrypt your bandwidth to prevent anyone from spying on you online. As you browse online, the traffic will go through your signed US IP address on the VPN network. With this, the real IP address from your internet service provider will be hidden and untraceable by anyone. This means you can easily protect your identity and location from tracers and hackers. Your assigned static US IP address is designed to give you absolutely new identity, so you can browse easily and without a glitch. It doesn’t matter your device, the US IP address that you will be assigned works well on various devices, including Windows and Mac desktop PCs, iPhone, iPads, Smartphones and tablets, and many others.


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