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If you're young and proactive, this is the BEST way for you to make money and start your own VPN Whitelabel business!

VPN Works on All Devices, Operating Systems and Routers 

Windows, iOS, MAC, Linux, Android, TV BOX, Firestick

Works with 2 VPN business models

Our Online Reseller Panel allows you, our resellers, to automate the creation and management of VPN services from your website(s) using our WHMCS module or API. All online, with no face-to-face interactions.

Our Local VPN Reseller and Agent panel allowers our resellers the ability to offer VPN services to their clients locally, making VPN accounts for their clients from an office or shop.

Are you eligible?

There are NO CONTRACTS and anyone from any country is eligible to apply and participate.


This is used to create VPN accounts. It NEVER expires but is non-refundable.

VPN Reseller-Ready Apps

Alongside the below-mentioned apps and modules, there are many other unbranded apps for you to use. This means that you get to focus on your business and leave the hard work to us!

WHMCS-Ready Module

Automate your VPN client’s orders.
Create, change password, suspend, unsuspend, creating invoices,  renews, and delivering the VPN service  Automatically.

NO development needed!

Android-Ready App

100% Free Unbranded APP
Internet Kill Switch
Smart \ Quick Connect
Auto Protocol Select

Tablets/ Phones

Soon Firestick & TV BOX

Windows-Ready App

100% Free Unbranded APP
Internet Kill Switch
Tunnel Split
Smart \ Quick Connect
Auto Protocol Select
Auto Connect
Win Startup
Dedicated IP

Be Smart – Start Your VPN Provider Journey TODAY!

At VPNShazam, we have come up with the world’s best reseller program. It is time to earn easy money by reselling VPN. This superfast, reliable and secure VPN service allows the reseller to manage all VPN subscribers easily through the user-friendly control panel.

  • No Development is needed!!!
  • White label program, no one will know that we are behind you.
  • Choose any username structure (Example: VPNxxxx)
  • We provide Free Android and windows Unbranded VPN Apps for our VPN Resellers.
  • Free VPN WHMCS Module to automate your VPN business.
  • Its Possible for anyone to start VPN business from store, home or website with a very low starting capital ($49).
  • Add funds to your account and you are ready to start.
  • Offer Dynamic Turbo VPN from 140 countries, 1800+ Servers and 300,000+ IPs worldwide.
  • Ability to offer Dedicated IPs VPN as addon from 6 countries.
  • Automate all your orders Using Our Smart API and WHMCS module. Means no delay to deliver VPN service for your client.
  • Sell the VPN accounts at any Price you want.
  • Greater discounts when you sell more accounts per month.
  • All Accounts will be created Automatically or Manually By Reseller preference.
  • Create, Renew, Suspend, Unsuspend, Change password and terminate Accounts from the billing system or through the API files.
  • Create, renew and sell VPN accounts from your available balance with us.

Take a look at our Simple VPN Reseller Panel

Login HERE

Password: Demo

Make Money With Us

Great discounts for wholesale, bulk VPN accounts and resellers.


Stop Eavesdroppers

Encryption keeps your clients safe, even on public Wifi.


Identity Protection

Protect your identity with an anonymous VPN IP. No Logs!


Unblock Websites

Say goodbye to geographic restrictions. Travel worry-free with a VPN service.



Encrypt all of your internet traffic and use a safe, protected IP.


Uncensored Access

Completely uncensored access to true internet freedom. Finally.


VPN Whitelabel FAQ

Do I need to sign a contract to become a VPN Reseller?

No, you don’t need to sign any contract with us to start reselling our VPN service.

Do you charge tax?

No, we don’t charge any type of tax.

I'm located in Dubai - can I still become a reseller?

Yes, you can! We offer our VPN reseller options to anyone from anywhere in the world.

What do I need to start reselling VPN services?

All you’ll need to do is register with us here and deposit $49 to start the process. The deposit will be credited to your balance with us so you can use it to create and renew VPN accounts.

What VPN Products can I resell?

You’ll be able to resell two different VPN products; the Dynamic VPN and the Dedicated IPs VPN. The Dedicated Packages are only available from 6 locations – USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Singapore and Canada. 

What is the difference between Dynamic and Dedicated IP VPNs?

Dynamic VPN gives you access to our entire network, which includes 2000 servers, 300 000 IPs from over 140 countries.

Dedicated IP VPN gives you access to a static and private IP which is used by only one client. Dedicated IPs are sold as a Dynamic VPN addon which means that when you order a Dedicated IP VPN you will have the static IP and full access to the Dynamic VPN network as well.

Can I add more money to my VPN Reseller Panel balance?

Yes, you can add as much credit to your balance as you would like. The minimum deposit is $19 and the maximum is $1800. If you need to deposit more, please contact support.

What is the monthly price for VPN account resellers?

As a new reseller, you’ll receive a discount of up to 55%.

Do my VPN reseller packages get cheaper the more I sell?

Yes, they do! The more you sell, the higher your discount rate per account. You can reach up to a 90% discount off of our price!

Is there a higher discount rate on the monthly price than 55%?

This is possible through depositing more funds into your reseller credit balance. For more information on this, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Why are discounts higher for higher deposits?

We consider the deposit amount as prepaid VPN accounts, which means when you deposit $500, we treat you as a reseller who already sold $500/$4 = 125 monthly VPN accounts so you get better prices from us. When you deposit more, your VPN prices become cheaper.

VPNShazam Reseller Discounted Products

VPN prices are negotiable and depend on your monthly sales volume

There is NO EXPIRY DATE for your credit balance. It will be available until you use it. It is also NON-REFUNDABLE.

Looking for lower VPN Reseller prices, Please contact us!

SIGN UP TODAY and become a VPN Agent or VPN Maker within 24 hours!