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We, At VPNShazam are Proud to provide our Clients with one of the best VPN Reseller programs in the Virtual networks industry.
We have implemented a lot of working hours to accomplish adding these new features for our clients to able to start their own online or local VPN business.

New Idea! Online and Local Resellers! What is this?!

Online resellers which will allow our Resellers to offer the VPN services on their websites.

Local VPN Reseller which will allow our resellers to offer the VPN services for their clients locally and create the VPN account for their clients from their office or shop.

Eligibility to participate
  • Anyone from any Country is eligible.
  • Internet Connection
  • Deposit $49 which you can use to create accounts.
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Check Our Online Reseller Panel

Link: https://www.vpnshazam.com/resell-vpn

Username: Demo@vpnshazam.com

Password: Demo

VPNShazam Local & Online Resellers Package Info

  • All what you need is internet connection. No Development needed at all!!!
  • Its Possible for anyone to start selling VPN accounts from his store, home or website with a very low Starting capital like ($49).
  • Be ready to offer Dynamic and Static VPN from 65+ countries, 400+ Servers and 44000+ IPs worldwide. Be Smart and start As Big VPN Provider!
  • You can be international VPN provider and Automate all your orders Using Our Smart API.
  • Ready API files and Free WHCMS module to automate all your transactions. It means there is no delay to offer VPN services to your customers.
  • Sell the VPN accounts at any Price you want.
  • No one will know that we are behind you.
  • All Accounts will be created Automatically or Manually By Reseller preference.
  • Create, Renew, Suspend, Unsuspend, Change password and terminate Accounts from the billing system or through the API files.
  • Create, renew and sell VPN accounts from your available balance with us.

Why you should buy VPNShazam Service

Online security

Encrypt all of your internet traffic and use a safe, protected IP.

Identity Protection

Protect your identity with an anonymous VPN IP.


Buy VPN to blend in with the crowd.

Stop Eavesdroppers

Encryption keeps you safe, even on public Wifi.

Unblock Websites

Say goodbye to geographic restrictions. Travel worry free with a VPN.

Uncensored Access

Complete uncensored access to the true internet. Finally.

VPNShazam Resellers Packages

Dynamic VPNShazam

  • Unlimited Download and traffic
  • 50,000+ IP worldwide from +65 Countries
  • 5 Multi Logins per account in the same time
  • High speed servers and Connection
  • Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSTP
  • Dynamic IPs for better anonymity

This package supports 300+ servers

  • $5.95 / 1 Month
  • $16.95 / 3 Months (Save 5%)
  • $26.95 / 6 Months (Save 25%)
  • $46.95 / 12 Months (Save 44%)
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Static VPNShazam

  • 30GB Download
  • Static IPs worldwide from +30 Countries
  • 3 Multi Logins per account in the same time
  • High speed servers and Connection
  • Supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
  • Static IPs for better business

This package supports 80+ servers

  • $3.6 / 1 Month
  • $9.98 / 3 Months (Save 8%)
  • $17.99 / 6 Months (Save 17%)
  • $33.98 / 12 Months (Save 22%)
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