Windows 8 PPTP VPN Setup

Windows 8 Setup Guide

Step 1

Perth Amboy Open the Windows Search Bar by hitting the Windows key and the letter ‘q’. Inside of the search box, type in ‘Control Panel’.

Step 2 The Control Panel icon should appear to the left. Click to open the Control Panel. 

Step 3

Open ‘Network and Internet’.

    Step 4

    Open the ‘Network and Sharing Center’.

    Step 5

    Choose ‘Set up a new connection or network’.

    Step 6

    Choose ‘Connect to a workplace’, and click the Next button at the bottom. 


    Step 7

    If you have another connection already present, you’ll be asked if you want to use a connection that you already have. Choose the radio button that says ‘No, create a new connection’ and click the Next button at the bottom.

    Step 8

    Choose ‘Use my Internet connection (VPN)’.


    Step 9

    For Destination name, please choose a name that you will recognize for the connection. For Internet address, field, fill in the server IP/hostname from our Dynamic VPN and Chines list (dedicated VPN check our mail to you) according to your purchased package that you would like to connect.

    Do *not* put a checkmark next to ‘Use a smart card’. It is optional to put a checkmark next to ‘Remember my credentials’ and ‘Allow other people to use this connection.’ Click the Create button at the bottom.

    Step 10

    The VPN connection will show in a list to the right.

    Step 11

    Right-click on the VPN connection you just made and choose ‘View connection properties’.

    Step 12

    Click on the Security Tab. Under the heading ‘Type of VPN:’ choose ‘Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)’. On the same page, click the radio button next to ‘Allow these protocols’. Place a checkmark next to ‘Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)’.

    Step 13

    Click on the Networking Tab. Remove checkmarks from everything except ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’. Click the OK button at the bottom. You can now have peace of mind that your online activities are secured from prying eyes.